What is a High Velocity Sales Assembly Line and How Can it Help Your Company Hyper-Scale

Using Traditional Manufacturing Techniques to Mass Produce Sales

It has been proven that in any technology market, only one company, the Marketplace Gorilla or Category King, will survive and prosper. The rest of the market participants will struggle to survive and most will eventually fail. The Marketplace Gorilla is not the company that had a first to market advantage or had the greatest technology or even the best product. Instead, it is the company that can hyper-scale its sales operation and obtain a 40% market share first.

Unfortunately, it has been mathematically proven that B2B sellers that employ a direct or inside sales approach will not be able to acquire enough companies in a short enough period of time to become the market leader. Therefore, unless the seller adopts a radically different sales approach, the chances of outright failure rise substantially! One approach high growth companies such as Greenhouse.io, DiscoverOrg.com and other have adopted is to build and employ high-velocity sale assembly lines (SAL). While emerging enterprises are now beginning to realize that this is a far superior way to sell to the business community, there is still a great deal confusion on what it is and how it works.

A sales assembly line is a sales organization that has adopted many of the same techniques that traditional manufacturers employ to significantly raise output while at the same time lowering the costs of production. Specifically, a SAL seller will display the following characteristics:

  1. It will employ labor specialization in which each sales task is performed by a professional who is best suited (from a cost or skill perspective ) to undertake the work.
  2. It will ensure Every action on line must be centrally planned, tightly controlled and above all else, repeatable over and over again.
  3. It will utilize specialized technology that will move sales assets (leads, prospects, opportunities, customers) from stage to stage while providing each professional with specialized views that allow the professional to efficiently perform their task on the line.

By adopting these three principles an optimized SAL seller can double its close rate and experience a 6X increase in sales throughput. When taken together, this will allow them to acquire between 8X-13X more customers. This powerful method of force projection will serve as a catalyst that can help the seller become a market leader.