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Let’s Band Together to Sell More, Lots More

In any technology market only one, maybe two companies will prosper. Most other market participants struggle to survive and will eventually fail. To avoid this fate, companies must employ high-velocity sales assembly lines. By employing this methodology, a seller can hyper-scale its sales operation. By dramatically improving sales volume and close rates while simultaneously lowering the costs of sale, a seller can drive incredibly profitable growth and take a market leadership position.

Assembly is the first and only SaaS package that has been designed from the ground-up to power high velocity sales assembly lines. To mass produce sales, the software employs many of the same techniques that traditional manufacturers use including labor specialization, employment of repeatable best practices and the use of specialized technology. The software is licensed as a cloud based or server based solution.

Every year we are fortunate enough to partner with a handful of venture-backed technology firms to help them become market leaders. By providing our innovative software and consulting services, our goal is to provide executive teams with an outsized competitive advantage as they attempt to hyper-scale. Backed by Envision Ventures LLP, Assembly is located in Tarrytown, NY.