For many companies, moving from an old fashioned sales approach to a sales assembly line is a daunting task. However, putting it off is one of the worst mistakes that you can make. It is well established, that in any technology market, only one company will eventually dominate the space. In this winner-takes-all contest, the company that can hyper-scale and achieve a 40% market share first, wins. If you don’t get your sales assembly line up and running, you are giving the competition a head start which can cause your company to eventually fail. can help you make this transition efficiently and effectively so that you are mass producing sales within one quarter. Through AssemblyLabs, our in-house sales accelerator, our team can help you become the market leader! Under this program, AssemblyLab’s sales professionals will build out your initial sales assembly line. This effort includes the below steps.

Hire a core team of sales development representatives who will work out of our call center in the Philippines.

Customize ASSEMBLY software to work within your company’s unique industry.

Create an initial prospect repository by working with third party data provides such as ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg.

Create A/B test campaigns that test scripts, offers, price and demonstrations. Other aspects of the sales process will also be analyzed to determine their impact on the close rate of the company.

Develop specialized call campaigns and calling cadences that coordinate calling with outbound and inbound marketing actions.

Train your existing sales team in the Sales Assembly Line methodology and in the use of the ASSEMBLY software.

Provide on-going management oversight and support of your “sales team” as they work to schedule appointments and close opportunities.

The above process will JumpStart your sales operation while you contrite on other things such as product development and fund raising. Once your sales assembly line is operating smoothly, it will be given back to you to work out of your office space and for you to manage. Of course, we can help you find a permanent VP-Sales to handle the transaction and then to manage the team on a going forward basis. To ensure that the team continues to operate efficiently and effectively, for six months following the transition, our professionals will monitor your operations through ASSEMBLY system. By reviewing a wide range of on-line KPIs, we can continue to ensure that your sales assembly line continues to operate in an optimal manner. In this manner, we will function as your Director of Sales Operations.

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