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Become A Market Leader

In any technology market, eventually only one company will survive and prosper. Most other market participants will struggle and eventually fail. Often this is because the seller has not been able to appropriately scale its sales operations.  In fact, if a company employs a direct or inside sales approach, neither methodology will allow a sales team to acquire enough customers in a short enough time period to become the market leader.

The key to dominating any given market is for the seller to hyper-scale its sales operation by building a high-velocity sales assembly line.   Using the same techniques employed by traditional modern manufacturers, a seller using a sales assembly line can mass produce sales while simultaneously lowering the costs of sales. This powerful combination will lead to incredibly profitable growth.In Assembly Required, Donald Scherer provides step-by-step instructions on how you can implement a high-velocity sales assembly line.

Assembly Required will published on May 30, 2017 by INC. Magazine’s imprint INC ORIGINAL.


Donald Scherer

Donald Scherer was the CEO and Co-Founder of CrossBorder Solutions, one of the world’s largest tax software companies. He developed the company’s sales assembly line and pioneered the use of web-meeting software to work with prospects and customers. CrossBorder Solutions was sold to Thomson Reuters for $80M+.

After the sale, he founded and is now the CEO of Based on the software that powered CrossBorder Solutions sales operation, the ASSEMBLY system is the first SaaS enterprise solution designed from the ground up to run high-velocity sales assembly lines.

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Book Excerpt

Winning the Gorilla Game

Many B2B technology ventures do not live up to expectations due to the fact that they are losers in start-up game of survivor called the Gorilla Game. In this contest, early-stage companies compete to become the undisputed market leader, better known as the Marketplace Gorilla. In any technology market, this is a winner-take-all competition, with the eventual market leader garnering more than 50 percent of the revenue and 75 percent of the profits. While one or two other sellers might survive and even prospect, the invisible hand of the market will ensure that most other market participants will struggle to survive and even fail entirely. The winner of the Gorilla Game will be the seller that can hyper-scale their sales operation so that the company can reach and close more companies than anyone else!

Time for a Transition

As outside financing continues to tighten, B2B sellers will be forced to re-examine their underlying sales approach in an attempt to stave off disaster. As potential failure is the best impetus to try new things, it is my expectation that more and more B2B sellers will adopt the basic tenets of a sales assembly line.  Moreover, as more companies choose be make this transition it is likely that technology solutions will be created to meet the needs of this new marketplace.  Of course, this will then encourage and allow other companies to make the necessary change-over.  It is my hope that this book will add to the overall discussion of this important category and will encourage other sellers to employ this amazing, game changing approach to business sales.