Product Features

Assembly is an end-to-end solution that helps companies design, build and manage high-velocity sales assembly lines.  The system employs a vast array of artificial intelligence to help sellers of all shapes and sizes hyper-scale their sales operation by dramatically increasing sales volume and close rates.   This stand-alone solution includes the following features.


Cognitive Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to customize how groups of prospects or opportunities are handled by the appropriate line professionals. On type of campaign is an A/B Test Campaign where you can A/B test any aspect of the marketing, sales development, sales or renewal process. For example, you can determine which type of sales demonstration has a higher close rate. Similarly, the system enables Marketing Sync Campaigns which allows the marketing group to conduct an outbound marketing campaign and the system ensures that the recipients get immediately called. The effective use of campaigns can dramatically improve the close rate of an assembly line seller.


Cognitive Campaigns


Cognitive Calling

A SDR’s main job is to contact prospective leads. In a traditional environment much of the day is spent picking and pecking through their lead database to find the “perfect” name to call. To improve close rates, the ASSEMBLY system includes an intelligent calling feature that optimizes the outbound calling process. It employs artificial intelligence to determine which name in the pipeline is the optimal prospect to call at any given moment. A sophisticated algorithm is used, that takes into account hundreds of variables such day of the week, time of day, the type of call, the importance of the call etc. The system also instructs the user as to how to best approach the prospect in regards to the script, offer, cadence etc. Employing this feature will result in a dramatic increase in the number of dials each SDR can make on a daily basis and also raise the reach and close rate.


Cognitive Calling


Cognitive Cadences

It is relatively unusual that a prospect will be reached on the first or even second outbound call attempt. Cognitive cadences are instructions (voice mail, email, etc.) on how the SDR should deal with the lead on each call attempt. The ASSEMBLY system allows sales management to load customized calling cadences into the system and assign them to calling campaigns and type of prospect. It also tracks the results so that each cadence can be evaluated and improved. Employing custom cadences is a powerful way to improve the reach and close rate of the sales development team.


Cognitive Cadences


Cognitive Call Processing

Every interaction with the opportunity is a chance for the sales person and sales engineer to collect a wide range of data. The ASSEMBLY system tightly structures this information collection process.  This information can be be statistically analyzed to determine what is working and what is not.  Moreover, once repeatable best practices have been established, the system can ensure that the outlined processes are being followed.


Call Processing


Cognitive Calculations

Assembly ensures that leads, opportunities and clients are distributed to the various professionals on the assembly line in a random, equal basis. This allows the system to employ a wide range of statistics (over 1000 KPIs are automatically calculated) to mathematically determine what drives a sales decision.  It also allows management to evaluate the operating efficiency of the line in real time.




Cognitive Circulation

Assembly has been designed to support the specialization of roles along each step of the sales assembly line. Not only does the software ensure that the optimal number of leads, prospects and opportunities are flowing through the system at any one time, the software automatically moves these sales assets from one sales stage to the next in an efficient manner that prevents bottlenecks. Moreover, the software provides each professional working on the line with specialized views and tools that enable them to perform their job without unnecessary distractions.




Cognitive Commands

Through A/B testing and the evaluation of a wide range of statistics/KPIs it is now possible to determine what factors positively influence the close rate of the sales team. Unless this information is used to develop best practices AND ensure that the line professionals are following these guidelines, the collection of the data is for naught. The ASSEMBLY system allows management to establish customized command sets or “plays” on how to deal with each type of prospect. Moreover, the system carefully tracks the results of each interaction so that each play can be continuously evaluated and modified to fit changing circumstances. Ensuring that best practices are implemented and followed will dramatically improve the close rate of the team.