Let’s Discuss Our Services

What makes the Assembly platform so powerful is that is more than just software. It was designed from the ground up to incorporate a proven sales methodology and it uses artificial intelligence to guide your team through the process of building and managing a sales assembly line. However, to get the full value of the solution our experienced sales assembly line experts are ready to work with you to show you how to optimize the underlying methodology so that your sales throughput and close rate dramatically improve. Our services include:

Reality Check:

Let us spend a day together observing your current sales processes. We will examine a variety of areas including how you handle inbound leads, your outbound calling process and even how you perform web-meeting demonstrations. At the end of the process, we’ll present you with a written report that will provide at least three game changing, concrete suggestions on how you can better drive sales to your organization. Of course, with the knowledge that we gain, we will be in the position to clearly explain how Assembly can help improve your sales processes. We’ll even be able to provide you with throughput and close rate improvement targets that we’ll be willing to guarantee!


Building a sales assembly line is simple with Assembly as the system takes control of many of the difficult sales processes that typically “jam-up” sales teams. As such, unlike traditional sales automation software packages, our Sales Assembly Line works without significant customization or training. Instead, our implementation experts focus on working with your sales team to understand the underlying difference of working within a sales assembly line and how to optimize the methodology.


Many of our clients are early stage organizations that are in the process of building out their initial sales organization. Through AssemblyLabs, our in-house accelerator, our experts can establish your and manage your sales development operation.  This effort includes:

  1. Hire a core team of sales development representatives who will work out of our call center in the Philippines.
  2. Customize ASSEMBLY software to work within your company’s unique industry.
  3. Create an initial prospect repository by working with third party data providers such as ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg.
  4. Create A/B test campaigns that test scripts, offers, price and demonstrations. Other aspects of the sales process will also be analyzed to determine their impact on the close rate of the company.
  5. Develop specialized call campaigns and calling cadences that coordinate calling with outbound and inbound marketing actions.
  6. Train your existing sales team in the Sales Assembly Line methodology and in the use of the ASSEMBLY software.

Advanced Mathematical Modeling & Statics:

One of the most powerful features of Assembly is its ability to help our clients use mathematics and statistics to not only predict sales results but to positively influence the outcome of every interaction with a prospect. By implementing a continuous system of A/B testing, our clients are able to stop guessing and start knowing what works and doesn’t. While Assembly is powerful enough so that it can be used by non-statistic experts, many of our clients us our in-house team of sales geeks to design sophisticated testing approaches that optimize the testing process.