Step Eight

Client Success Manager


With the dramatic rise in new client sales, Donald’s role has expanded dramatically. He now has 10 client success professionals working on his team, with six of them joining in the last three months.   The Assembly system has made this rapid growth possible. The group has been able to successfully on-board each new client and also has kept up the company’s renewal rate – something that is critically important as this revenue is funding much of the company’s growth. The team has been able to accomplish these two goals by having each task tightly scripted. The ASSEMBLY system simply walks each professional through the on-boarding and renewal process that Donald has developed over the past two years. He knows that these best practices work and this allows him to spend his time managing the overall growth of the team rather than micro-managing each individual professional.

Based on the success of the A/B test of the calling cadence, he is beginning to use this statistical method of analysis more widely. Donald is now running an A/B test on renewal price. Up until this point, company has instituted a 5% increase in the license fee of the product on the annual renewal. However, this price increase was not determined in any scientific manner. Management at some point said “lets raise the price by 5%” and that became the policy.   Donald’s group is now seeing the impact of a 10% increase in price. While the test is not yet complete, early results show that this doesn’t seem to have an impact on the close rate. If this is the case, Donald plans on A/B testing a 15% increase. As there are very few expenses associated with the renewal, this can become an important driver of revenue for the Company.