Step Five

Account Executive


Pete is stressed. It’s the end of the month and he wants to beat quota like he has the previous nine months. However, while he knows that he is running over 200 deals, he is confident that Assembly will help him get through the day. The system’s artificial intelligence organizes his tasks and lets him know what has to be done immediately and what can wait. This gives him the comfort level that nothing is going to be missed and that the deals that need attention will get it!

In his past sales jobs, Pete was pretty much left alone and had to figure out, through trial and error, the best approach to employ to get an opportunity to close. While he has always been successful, this learning process was certainly stressful and relatively expensive in time and lost deals. This has not been the case since he has been using the ASSEMBLY solution. In every interaction with an opportunity, the system gently guides him through pre-determined plays that dictate how the opportunity should be handled based on the facts and circumstances surrounding the deal. As each play incorporates the best practices that have been statistically developed, Pete is confident that the guidance has helped him close more deals. In fact, his close rate is over 20% which means he is making more money than he ever has before.

Finally, Pete is very excited to perform a demo with BigCorp. He is A/B testing a new demonstration that focuses on feature that previously has not been stressed in appointments. Pete believes that the test will show that the new demo, which he helped develop, will result in an even higher close rate.