Step Four

Sales Development Team Manager


It’s almost the end of the month and Chris is surprisingly relaxed. The Assembly system has statistically analyzed the reams of sales data and has mathematically determined the exact number of appointments that the team will schedule for the month. Happily, the system shows that his team is going to beat his quota by 15%. This is due to the success of the Marketing Sync campaign that has been running over the last few weeks. This allows his team to call recipients of emails in real time and has dramatically improved the overall close rate.

Instead, of stressing over quota, he is able to spend time doing the things that he likes to do such as coaching his team members.   Today, he is going to work with Scott and Tom, two of his under-performing SDRs. They have both been lagging behind in the number of demonstrations that they have been scheduling. However, Chris believes that he can turn around the situation. After examining the myriad of KPIs that the system computes, he discovered that Scott is simply not scheduling enough callbacks and Tom is experiencing too many negative responses on the first reach which indicates that his pitch needs to be refined. He knows that if he can turn these two guys around, he is going to have a blow-out quarter!

Chris is also going to work closely with Sue on the A/B test campaign that is under-development. After being reluctant to use this method of statistical analysis, he is now an enthusiastic convert. By testing calling cadences, scripts and offers, he has seen the close rate of his team skyrocket. Today, he is going to develop an end of the quarter offer that he thinks will work better than their standard incentive package. If it works, the sales team is going to have more appointments then they know what to do with!