Step One

Lead Management


Leads are the raw materials of a sales assembly line. Tom, the Data Management professional, is responsible for making sure that there is a constant supply of high quality prospects so that the sales assembly line operates in an optimized manner. He does this by entering batches of leads into the system for the sales development team to cold-call. Of course, before he enters the leads into the software, he performs a statistical analysis of the batch to make sure its high enough quality to use. By making sure that only good names are loaded into the software, help raise the overall close rate of the SDR team.

By looking at his dashboard, he knows that on average, each sales development representative (SDR) is making on average 200 dials per day and are running through 150 prospects per day. The ASSEMBLY system shows him in real time, how many leads each SDR has in their call que. Moreover, the system lets him know how many new prospects need to be added to the system on a daily basis to ensure that the each SDR is fully utilized.

In addition to entering raw leads into the system for the SDR team to call, Tom is also responsible for ensuring that inbound leads are entered into the ASSEMBLY system in real-time. This is so the software can automatically randomly assign each inbound lead to the next available SDR which ensures that the prospect is called within one minute of receiving the lead.