Step Seven

Client Success Associate


The end of the month is always busy for Betty because not only does she need to on-board the new clients that have already closed, but she is also responsible for securing the renewals of the customers whose subscriptions are expiring. The ASSEMBLY cognitive circulation system makes this dual effort much more manageable. The same artificial intelligence features that helps the sales team organize and prioritize their tasks is also employed by the Client Success Team.

As new deals close, the ASSEMBLY system automatically distributes the new customers in a randomized yet equal manner to one of the Client Success Associates. Not only does this ensure that each professional is fully utilized it also allow the system to track a myriad of KPIs that provide the company the ability to objectively measure performance. When on-boarding each client, the system guides Betty through an established process that has been statistically shown to improve the eventual renewal rate.

Last year, the company A/B tested how many times a customer should be called over the course year to optimize the annual renewal rate. It was discovered that the ideal calling cadence. With this information, the Cognitive Calling feature of the ASSEMBLY system ensures that Betty calls and “hugs” every customer once per month as well as send a check-in email. However, within three months of the renewal, customer contacts move into the system sales funnel. Clients are places in customized “renewal” stages and the ASSEMBLY system guides Betty through the renewal process. Betty enjoys a 92% ARR which is better than that 89% rate achieved by the team.