Step Six

Vice President – Sales


It’s the end of the month and Graham is not stressed at all. Instead of worrying about what deals are going to close, he is 100% confident that he is going to exceed his forecast. The ASSEMBLY system employs a sophisticated mathematical formula to predict revenue on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. While he doesn’t know exactly which deals are going to come in, he knows is board is going to be filled in just a couple of days.

He finds the freedom from forecasts extremely liberating and makes his job more fulfilling. Instead of constantly harping and bugging each member of the sales team, he can now spend his time coaching, which he really enjoys. The ASSEMBLY system helps him here as well. As every interaction with a prospect is documented and then statistically analyzed, he has a pretty good idea as to what works and what doesn’t work. Therefore, he is confident that the advice he gives to his team members will help them be more successful. Moreover, many of the best practices that he has developed have been turned into “plays” that automatically guide the each professional through sales process.

While Graham is certainly a valued member of the management team, his reputation was cemented when he pushed for a 20% price increase. While other members of the team were worried that this might scare off customers, he was confident that this would not be the case. Over the past three months, he has A/B tested the new price with prospects and surprisingly found that the close rate did not diminish even one percentage point. The end result was that the company’s overall revenue experienced a significant jump without raising costs.