Step Three

Sales Development Representative (SDR)


To generate the sales volume necessary to become a Market Leader, having a well-functioning Sales Development function is an absolute necessity. In the ASSEMBLY environment, each SDR is expected to make outbound calls as well as answer inbound inquiries.

Frank, is one of the team’s best SDRs. For the past two months, he has been ranked #1 in Major Commits and Dials on the leaderboard so he hopes he is going to get the quarterly spiff that he has been counting on. To make sure that this happens, he is committed to reach his goal of completing 200 outbound dials per day! He is confident that he can do this since the Cognitive Calling system uses artificial intelligence to present the best lead for him to call at the optimal time. This is so much better than picking and pecking through his database like he used to do at his past job.

Unlike other inside sales systems that he has used at past jobs, which primarily focused on increasing throughput, Frank really appreciates all the features of the ASSEMBLY system that help improve his close rate as this is what directly impacts his pay-check. He has been averaging three appointments scheduled per day and credits the Calling Cadences, which are customized by prospect type, that guides his interaction with each prospect. In addition, the fact that the system prompts him to remind prospects about upcoming appointments and also immediately sends back leads from the sales team that did not show for their appointment so he can re-call them, also dramatically improves his close rate.