Step Two

Marketing Manager


To optimize a sales assembly line, marketing should be tightly integrated into the sales process. This allows marketing to better understand the impact of their actions and generate higher quality leads for the sales development team. In the ASSEMBLY environment, marketing is responsible for establishing and monitoring Calling Campaigns. Calling campaigns are instructions on how a batch of leads are going to be handled by the SDR team. A Calling Campaign often includes a script, offer and calling cadence.

The first thing that Sue does when she gets to the office is check on the progress of the various Calling Campaigns that are currently active. She is thrilled to learn that the Marketing Sync campaign, in which each recipient of an email blast was immediately called by the SDR team, has generated a 15% percent commit rate and a 25% callback rate.

Sue is also excited about the A/B Test Campaign that she is launching today. This campaign will determine whether a marketing piece that contains a new message targeting women CEOs will result in a higher appointment close rate. Of course, once the campaign goes live, she will monitor the results in real time. If the campaign works as she expects, she will roll it out to the entire sales development team. . Being able to A/B test every aspect of the inbound and outbound calling process has taken the guesswork out of the sales development process and enable Sue to make data informed decision that shift the conversation from I think to I know.